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2011-08-12 00:44:01 by kevindoesart

I'm flattered so many people enjoy my short little story. Thanks for the support everybody!


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2011-08-12 06:18:10

It's a wonderful experience, amazingly conveying strong emotion dispite being so simple and short. It really is unneccesary to thank the audience for the praise, you deserve it. With that said, however, you're welcome. :)


2011-08-15 03:12:09

It's a good one, I love sad/nostalgic games like this, it changes from the violence and gorefest! Good job! :)


2011-08-16 19:08:19

Its all good, but why did the boy disappear? I was looking for a happy ending... oh well. :|


2011-08-17 19:05:55

It was definitely a great game! I really hope to see more .